Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keeper rotation

To maximize our potential returns from our keepers, we have to look at which keepers rotate well with one another. Most defenses concede fewer goals at home than they do on the road. We can only play one per week, so we can't have two keepers with similar home/away schedules because there will be weeks we are forced to play a keeper away from home.

I utilized the predicted goals allowed data to look at the first 5 gameweeks in an attempt to find the best keeper pairing possible. For each pairing each week I used the team with the least predicted goals conceded then added the first five gameweeks to come up with the following rankings. I ignored teams who weren't likely to keep a clean sheet.

TeamsGoals ConcededCombined price
LA/ RSL4.2114.8
LA/ Columbus4.3514.2
Dallas/ Seattle4.5314.1
Chivas/ RSL4.6514.7
LA/ Seattle4.6814.2
LA/ Dallas4.7614.5
Chivas/ Colombus4.7914
RSL/ Colorado4.9414.5
Seattle/ San Jose5.0313.9
Chivas/ Seattle5.0613.9

I should note that RSL has a double gameweek in week 5 so that makes the LA/RSL pairing even more appealing. RSL's defensive unit is still suffering from some injury issues which makes me consider the LA/Columbus pairing. The price difference of 0.6 also makes me think choosing Saunders/Hesmer is the right way to go.

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