Tuesday, April 17, 2012

not enough time to continue

Hello to my readers... This post is to inform you that I simply don't have the time to continue running this blog. Between work, coaching, and general life activities, I simply don't have the time to do this justice. As much as I love my fantasy soccer, coaching has simply become more important to me and I am choosing to spend more of my free time becoming a better coach and planning my team's sessions. Best of luck to you all.


  1. Thanks for the update, enjoyed it while it lasted!

  2. Also sorry to see you go. Thanks for the help, I'm not doing too shabby thanks to some excellent resources here!

  3. Understand completely. Thanks for all the tips thus far.

    I expect you to be number 1 now that your wisdom won't be shared.

  4. i noticed you have not chosen a division for your MFLS team.
    We have openings in the: trojan league password: header.
    Feel Free to give us a tryout.