Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MFLS game

I've had a question and several visits from the MFLS website, so I've decided to make a post about that game. I've constructed my team and looked for a few value players to highlight.

First, my strategy with MFLS is the buy 3 of the cheapest possible players so I can afford higher-quality regular players. This includes the starting 11, 2 additional defenders and 1 additional keeper, midfielder, and forward. The biggest difference between the MFLS game and ESPN and the official MLS game, is that goal differential counts. This means we need to focus on getting players from teams like LA, RSL, and Seattle that should have good goal differentials.

Here's the list of players I found who I consider to be cheaper than what they should be.

Saunders, Hall, MacMatch
Saunders or Hall should be in every single squad out there. They are two cheap keepers on teams who should keep a lot of clean sheets this season. If you don't have either, you might as well give up now.

Boswell, SOlli, Gargan, Harrington, James, Morgan, Meyer, Beltran, Gonzalez.
Beltran and Meyer are probably to best value plays here. Meyer should be the starting CB for LA for a few weeks until Leonardo returns. Beltran firmly has the starting role in RSL. Both teams should keep plenty of clean sheets.

Camargo, Davis, Jewsbury, Lahoud, Evans, Chiumiento, Alhassan.
Evans and Chiumiento are my picks here. Evans should be on PK duties for a Seattle side that should have a good goal differential. Chiumiento pulls the strings in what should be a potent Vancouver attack.

Forwards: Buddle, Bruin, Johnson, Mwanga, Renteria, Sapong.
All of these players have been in one of my fantasy teams at some point this season. Buddle and Renteria are my two favorites in this group based solely on their teams expected goal differentials this season.

My actual team:
Saunders, Hesmer
DeLaGarza, Beitashour, Beltran, Gonzalez, Solli
Duka, Ferreria, Morales, Chiumiento, Grazzini
Sapong, Wondolowski, Buddle, Espindola

I plan to bring in Montero for Wondolowski in week 2. From there I'll monitor each team's actual performance relative to their expected goal differentials and adjust from there.

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