Monday, February 18, 2013

Alternate method for finding value

This time instead of looking at how much overvalued or undervalued a player is, I looked to see how much value they give in terms of projected season points per $million spent (PPM). Generally, this returns the same players near the top of the rankings as my previous method. This might be a simpler way for people to understand exactly how much return they can expect from their investment.

Here's the takeaways:
  1. The best use of these charts is to find cheap players who have the potential to give us decent returns when they are called upon to come off the bench.
  2. Another use for these charts is to find the expensive players who offer a decent return on investment.
  3. Defenders tend to have a higher PPM than midfielders who have a higher PPM than forwards.
  4. It looks as though there are several cheap options in defense that have a good PPM. This leads me to believe this is the area we should look to save a bit of cash for some attackers with lower PPM but higher season points. Look to pick up at least two of Woolard, McCarthy*, Tierney*, Korb*, Hedges, Hurtado, and Parke.
*May not be starters





  1. Hey what kind of formation do you usually use? 3-4-3?

    1. I don't try to follow a specific formation. I tend to play my expensive players every week and then play whichever cheap players have a home game that week (unless it's against a top team and someone else is away to a poor team). I haven't checked yet, but my gut says defenders are more consistent week to week and score in a smaller variance than forwards and midfielders.

  2. Amazing blog! Was looking for something like this for a long time, will be back for sure!

    suggestion: always mention player's team, most of us are new to this...