Sunday, February 3, 2013

Player projections - Midfielders

The midfielder situation isn't nearly as cut and dry as the forward situation. Midfielders tend to get more of both the attacking and defending bonus points in the official MLS game so their scores seem to have a narrower variance for players we are actually considering. There aren't really any clear breaks where there is an obvious way to group the top couple players. The closest I can see happens around Shea Salinas ranking 8th where if we ignore Salinas, we see a drop of about 20 points over the season.

I'm going to leave out Donovan who is off being Sad Landon and we don't know when he will return. So, that leaves us with Rosales, Zusi, Davis, Chavez, Bernier, and Pontius. I also think that Ferreira, DeRo, and LeToux all have potential to give us fantastic returns as they are all coming off tumultuous season of injury or transfers.

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