Saturday, February 9, 2013

Player projections - defenders

We should approach defenders a bit differently than we approach our attacking options. Since a large part of how defenders score points for us in fantasy is collecting clean sheets, we essentially can just compare which teams are likely to collect clean sheets. Though we are definitely selecting individual players for our defenders, we are also selecting defensive units. If I want to choose Corey Ashe, I am effectively buying into the Houston defensive unit as a whole. Because of this, I tend to choose the cheapest option in each unit who will be a starter unless there is reason to believe one of the more expensive players will produce more bonus points or goals/assists.


  1. Question about defenders: do you recommend buying defensive units? Since getting one individual player is essentially buying into the defensive unit of the team, why not just buy the whole defensive unit?

  2. It's mostly just diversification. If you get players from multiple teams, you don't have to worry about blank gameweeks. If you buy 3 defenders from one team, you either get it very right or very wrong. All it takes is one defensive error and you completely nullify 3 players. I would prefer to spread the risk and get it kinda right and kinda wrong with defense.